Learning Culture

At Ash Hill we have nurtured a whole-school growth mindset culture. This means that we believe everyone can improve because learning is a lifelong process.  Our school motto is Growing Minds for Learning, Crafting Skills for Life because we believe that our core purpose is to prepare pupils for secondary school and their lives beyond. We achieve this by ensuring all pupils are treated as individuals and have the opportunities to develop their skills and mindset. Our curriculum is creative, and enriched with real-life experiences, which promotes engagement and ensures that learning has a clear purpose and context, enabling rapid progress.

As a school community we work hard to foster positive and productive relationships with all stakeholders. A culture of high expectations threads through all that we do and we ensure that our communication is positive, proactive and supportive. Utilising these relationships we aim to celebrate and support pupils’ learning, and value these partnerships.

We are proud of our school and believe that our pupils deserve to learn in a high quality environment which reflects our high aspirations.  Our commitment to excellence reinforces that we believe our pupils deserve the very best!