Improvement Priorities 2019 - 2020


Our Next Steps

Focus Areas

Aspirations / Outcomes

1. To implement a reviewed curriculum model, aligned with new Ofsted expectations and rooted in research



The Ash Hill curriculum is ambitious for all pupils, including SEND and disadvantaged. It provides pupils with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to be successful in life. It sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning. Pupils in Key Stage 1 are able to read, write and use mathematical knowledge and operations so that they are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 2. EYFS provide excellent start for pupils from the age of 2, with a  focus on language.

2. Develop teaching of reading so that more pupils reach the expected and higher standard.

Percentage of children achieving the expected standard and greater depth in reading at the end of key stages exceeds the national attainment.


3. Continue to improve attainment and progress for disadvantaged group so that the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers is diminished

Disadvantaged pupils develop early language skills that diminish the gap between them and their non-disadvantaged peers. They develop detailed knowledge and skills that allow them to achieve well in end of Key Stage assessments and the gap between them and their peers reduces. Communication rich in EYFS.

4. Develop staff understanding of learning and long-term memory in order to improve teaching and learning and therefore improve end of year outcomes

Teaching is designed to help pupils to remember long term the content they have been taught and to integrate new knowledge into larger ideas. This ensures that pupils retain key skills and knowledge, therefore improving outcomes.

5. To embed a distributed leadership model, developing leadership at all levels

Leadership is distributed across the school, allowing leaders to focus on leading their key areas well. The distributed model ensures collaboration and consistency across the team. Staff are able to progress. Workload is manageable for leaders and succession planning is in place.