How we teach reading and Phonics

Read Write Inc

From Nursery we teach a Read Write session for half an hour a day. The children in Nursery and Reception are grouped according to their ability within the class. Children from Year 1 onwards are put into small groups (from 4-15 children) by their “stage not age”. The sessions consist of explicit teaching of synthetic phonics and blending of sounds to read words. The children also have a book to read and discuss over several days. The children often read in pairs and are encouraged to give each other plenty of praise. The books are grouped into colours according to difficulty. The children are assessed every half term and re-grouped. When the children reach the expected standard for Year 2 in reading they have completed the program and begin to do spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading lessons.

Phonics Screening Check

From 2012 a National Phonics Screening Check has been introduced. Year 1 children’s ability to read and blend sounds is assessed and submitted in the summer term. Children who do not pass the phonics screening check then receive extra support in year 2 and are re-tested in the summer term.

1:1 Reading

Every child reads to an adult in school at least once a week. Children are expected to read at home at least four times a week, however, they are encouraged to read every day. We have a large range of books in school including books by the Oxford Reading Tree. All of our individual reading books are colour coded depending on the level of difficulty. Children are encouraged to change their own reading book on a regular basis which is monitored by the class teacher. Once the children have reached the end of the colour banded scheme they become “free readers” and can choose any book to read.

High Frequency Words

From Reception, children practise reading high frequency words. These are then tested every half term and a record of how many words the children can read is then kept by each teacher. Once the children have learnt all of the high frequency words that children are expected to be able to read from Reception to Year 2 they then begin to learn the medium frequency words.